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Back in May, I had the opportunity to present my way of vision boarding with IIDA’s instagram account followers.  It was my first Instagram Live and I had so much fun doing it! 

If you want to check it out, click here to see the link to the IGTV archive.  Otherwise, here’s the gist of it: 

First, I start with a couple minutes of visualizing.  What do I look like in 3-5 years?  I think about what the ages my children will be and how many more years I’ll be married by that time.  I visualize my dreams for JTI and the clients we will be serving then.  I also consider our team, including new team members yet to be hired.  

passion planning with Joy Lynskey

Second, I do a mind map, writing out all these aspects of my life using descriptive words that describe feelings and aspirations.  I learned how to do this from my best friend when we were in college when I was coming up with the thesis for my research proposal.  It’s an excellent brainstorming activity for any type of problem solving.  As a team, we used this approach to write the job description for our Studio Coordinator.  Every team member participated in creating a mind map and we reviewed them together to find the similarities. 

Next, start cutting! Grab your stack of magazines and a pair of scissors and cut out any images that represent what you visualized and mind mapped.  This could also be phrases and text, for instance, I had to have “Moving Forward to 40” on mine since I hit that milestone birthday next year! 

After you’ve cut out a good amount of images and phrases, lay them out on the piece of paper.  This is when all perfectionists need to LET GO and explore angles and overlapping.  Once you’re happy with the layout, start gluing the images down! 

Finally, find a prominent place to display your vision board.  It will act as a daily reminder of where you see yourself and where you’re going.  Here’s my finished product: 

passion planning final product


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