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Playful Picnic

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When we inquire with members of our team about what their favorite part of their job is as well as what they’d like to do more of, the answer many times is, JTI Outings!

Last month we left the office, and although we didn’t go far, we were treated with a unique experience all the same. Just outside our studio walls, Nicole Lee with Material Matters and Maureen Allyn of the Allyn Rae Group set up the most amazing picnic vignette for all of us. We came downstairs to discover an ethereal tablescape with herbal teas, GF/DF treats, set up alongside some gorgeous product presentations! It was clear to us that they had really put in some effort to make this a fun time for us, and it doesn’t go unnoticed.

pillows at the picnic in front of table

Don’t take my word for how amazing this little picnic time together was, here’s what the rest of the team had to say:

"A beautifully curated experience that I'll always remember!" - Jaclyn

"Great way to feel Zen after a busy week." - Suzette

woman at table with statue

"A thoughtfully put-together presentation to clear and inspire the mind." - Megan

"An innovative approach with engaging products!" - Devon

"Just what I needed after a non-stop week!!!" - Cindy


It just goes to show how going the extra mile does not go unnoticed. We like to serve our clients in this way and it’s wonderful to be treated that way by our vendors!