Stop Calling It Wallpaper!


joy lynskey

Our team is blown away at how so many people still use the term wallpaper vs. wallcovering. Yes, wallpaper still exists and we use it occasionally on residential projects, however, what we specify all the time is wallcovering. I’m going to shed some light on some huge misconceptions around this product and why we use it on projects.

Misconception #1: Wallcovering is dated.
Folks, this isn’t your grandma’s wallcovering!


It’s true, many of us grew up in homes where the walls donned images of flowers, fruit or even birds. In true transparency, this is my current Master Bath:



I know you like those mauve mini blinds. I’m waiting to overhaul our bathroom as we’ve been focused on renovating the more public areas of our house we bought two summers ago. But I digress…

Wallcovering does not have to be dated. Instead, it can be very modern like the mural in the lobby of Powerhouse Fitness in the Galleria. We also had wallcovering installed on this dumbbell wall to make it stand out in the environment.

Misconception #2: Wallcovering is delicate

Many people think that wallcovering is not durable to withstand the inevitable abuse that walls get in commercial spaces. On the contrary, we often use wallcovering to protect your walls (and the sanity of your maintenance team)! We’ll specify wallcovering that’s scrubbable to make it easy to clean and make the space look “new” longer. Depending on the level of the use of space, we’ll even specify wallcovering that is engineered to protect walls. That’s what we used here in the Nauti-Dawg renovation since the walls take a beating from the tables and chairs butting up against it:


So, I hope you learned some new information about wallcovering as a product and you have a better understanding of why we use it. What’s been your experience with wallcovering?