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The Future of Workspace Design

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These questions are at the top of all professionals’ minds right now: 

#1: When will we be fully back to functioning in the office?

#2: What will that environment look like? 

While I can’t answer the “when?”, I hope to shed some light on the “what?”  Here are five key aspects of future workplace design: 

planning and vision board

1. Layout 


Spacious rooms, allowing for social distancing, additional auxiliary spaces to serve large workforces and ample touchdown/ flexible areas to accommodate the newly emerged remote workforce

2. Touchless Plumbing & Electrical Fixtures 


The manual to touchless fixtures is two fold - minimizing exposure to germs and assisting with energy efficiency.  



3. Remote working is part of the new normal 


As an option to onboarding new hires and providing an incentive for employee retention, many companies will offer remote working as part of their ongoing operations.  Of course, this will be based on the specific business model for each company and whether hands-on collaboration is required.  Allowing for remote work will improve employee satisfaction and open up opportunities for those who live outside a company’s immediate proximity to apply, breaking down regional boundaries of the past. 


4. Subtle Wayfinding Opportunities


To ease navigating a space, our designers are focusing on intentionally placed wayfinding elements. These elements guide guests around the building, creating a different identity for each location and setting paths from each space. Carpet transitions, wall graphics, and furniture layouts are common wayfinding opportunities when designing these areas and specifying products for your space.

5. WELL 


With the entire world now hyper focused on health and wellness, the WELL building standard will be held in much higher regard.  Renovation projections will seek to obtain the WELL health and safety seal, informing new hires, guests and investors of the intentionality that business exhibits towards wellness for all visitors. While we always incorporate wellness in our design decisions, don’t forget that Jaclyn is a WELL Accredited Professional. We’d love to support you in designing a WELL certified space!