What If?

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Recently I encountered an uplifting post on social media that outlined several What If statements about how the COVID-19 pandemic could affect students all over the world.  I found it encouraging and it got me thinking about the What If statements for business owners and the global workforce.  So here’s my list of possibilities, please be open to add to and share any that come to mind for you as well. 

  1. What if business owners realize that their workforce can be trusted to do more than they ever gave them credit for? 
  2. What if working from home becomes a possibility across all industries, allowing more people flexibility and time with their nuclear families, and in turn, transforming our culture? 
  3. What if virtual meetings allow people to meet in person yet in different locations, freeing people’s schedules while allowing them to participate in discussions at a moment’s notice?
  4. What if the playing field was leveled and mutual respect becomes the norm for colleagues and collaborators?

5. What if people value personal interactions more and start limiting their screen time when in public, including their retail transactions. 

6. What if collaboration is possible at any time, from any place, with anyone right here, right now? 

7. What if the social-economic gap is lessened by access to technology? 

8. What if by having autonomy in their choice of work environment and meeting time all employees become entrepreneurs in their specific role within a company? 

9. What if humans value other humans more and look outwardly more than inwardly? 

10. What if employers learn to micromanage less because they realize the people they spent so much time hiring actually do want to move the needle forward and have the capacity to do that when given the opportunity? 

11. What if everyone comes out of the pandemic more educated, more compassionate and more productive because they were given a chance for many weeks of introspection? 

12. What if neighbors not only greet each other but check-in on one another, providing support and encouragement when needed? 

13. What if creativity abounds across all walks of life? 

14. What if this time of uncertainty teaches all of us that life, both our own and the lives of others,  is so incredibly precious and never to be taken for granted? 

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