Your Thoughts are Powerful

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Dr. Joe Dipenza states, “All thoughts carry an energy or a frequency. Change your thoughts, and you change your life.”

Your brain is a very powerful tool. All too often we are caught up in the schedule of our daily lives; wake up, coffee, eat, work, gym (if you’re lucky), eat, sleep, repeat. Oh and for parents, throw in raising and taking care of your children, no big deal. We all have our own schedules that work for us, which is awesome to have structure, but what we lose is that present state of mind.

Have you ever gotten into your car to drive to work and your mind starts thinking about your long list of to-dos? You get anxious and are in a bad mood because the person in front of you hit the brakes too hard. You arrive at the office and someone stole your usual parking spot and you don’t even remember how you got there just that your body took you? Now you’re physically upset and storm into work to yell at your co-worker for not printing the correct amount of copies for your big presentation. Yup, that’s your brain saying, I won!

Your unconscious mind is a reoccurring film that automatically taps into your past experiences, processes and motivations. Practicing to tap into your subconscious, by meditation techniques or breathing exercises help you acknowledge these repetitive thoughts and have the power to let them go. Studies have shown that breathing in and out 6x can lower your heart rate and reduce anxiety. I challenge you to take a moment and breathe deep through your nose, pause, and out your mouth 6x and see how you feel.

What if you take it a step further and use your brain to visualize the future life you want? Write down all your dreams and aspirations, who you want to become, what dream job you’ll have, and what kind of vacations you’ll take? What hobbies do you have? How does that make you feel? What types of emotions surface when you write all of these things down? Now, how crazy would it be if you lived into this future as if it’s already occurred every day?

Rachel Hollis says it best, “Believe in your possibility instead of focusing on the probability”. 

Joy and I both practice using Rachel Hollis’s Start Today Journal and I encourage you to look into her method if you’re not familiar. This daily journal is a reminder of how we want to show up for ourselves. To be present and start each day with gratitude. Every morning we list five things we’re grateful for and ten dreams we want realized. Then we state one intention that will help us realize one of the dreams. It’s a five to ten minute activity that has profound results! I know for me, one of my dreams I wrote starting January 1st, 2020 was to speak at a community event. I wrote that every day for 45 days till I was presented the opportunity to speak on a panel at a local Interior Design event. It’s so powerful to accomplish one of your dreams and to be able to focus on the next biggest dream.” The Start Today Journal helps you do that.

In short, your brain is insanely powerful. It takes a daily practice to stay present and acknowledge thoughts that come to mind as an expression of your past, but if you keep at it, you’ll get better and better. YOU GOT THIS!

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